Please note that Mid Kent Mind’s Case Studies use pseudonyms to protect the identity of our clients where they may not wish to disclose that they have accessed our services. Charley’s story is one example of a story using a pseudonym.

Charley is a young person who accessed Youth Recovery Action Plans with Sam during the latter half of 2021 – benefitting from the virtual support which Mid Kent Mind had put in place to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic. Charley had the following to say about accessing the RAP sessions with Sam:

“Sam was wonderful. She was incredibly kind and accepting. I was so nervous to oin the sessions, and I didn’t think that I would like them. I was expecting to join the first one and then give up. Sam was so amazing that she encouraged me to keep attending!

I really enjoyed our sessions, and they really help to reset my mind for the week – helping me to focus on all of the tips and tools which I was learning as a part of the six-week programme.”

We asked Charley what she enjoyed most about the recovery action plan, and she had the following to share:

“Learning new techniques to help myself feel better was really beneficial. I appreciated the idea of taking a moment each day to think of a few things I’m grateful for, and I also found the idea of evaluating my wheel of wellbeing everyday beneficial. It helped me to see what I had achieved – and also if there was anything left to work towards.”

When asked what she learnt during the sessions, Charley shared that:

“I had learnt lots of different techniques to help improve my wellbeing. I now feel able to identify when my wellbeing is not great, and when I need to take some time to refocus.”

Charley said that her wellbeing had improved significantly as a result of accessing our Recovery Action Plans and was keen to encourage other people to access support services too – sharing that Sam had really helped to improve her wellbeing.

For more details on our Recovery Action Plans, click on the link found in the ‘Related Service’ box. You may also want to learn more about how you can support other people, like Charley, so you can click on ‘Related Course’ to learn more about our Mental Health Awareness training.