Please note that Mid Kent Mind’s Case Studies use pseudonyms to protect the identity of our clients where they may not wish to disclose that they have accessed our services. Lily’s story is one example of a story using a pseudonym.

Lily accessed some of Mid Kent Mind’s Recovery Action Plans during a period of time when Mid Kent Mind were primarily offering virtual support in response to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic.

When asked about what she enjoyed about accessing the one-to-one sessions we are able to provide, she shared the following:

“I enjoyed having a third party to talk to about issues as it was useful getting different perspectives on the situations I was experiencing. The sessions helped me to identify my unhelpful thinking patterns, and it was good having constructive advice on changes I could make.”

It’s important to acknowledge that Lily did struggle with the sessions taking place virtually via ZOOM, however. She shared the following:

“I personally feel as though these sessions would have been more beneficial for me if they had been face to face. I understand that current constraints mean this isn’t possible, but I think for some people, face-to-face sessions would feel more personal and would help them to feel more at ease opening up about what they are experiencing.”

When asked about what she learnt during these sessions, Lily was keen to talk about how the sessions made a difference:

“I learn more about grounding techniques which can help me when I feel anxious, and I also learnt a lot more about what can make me feel anxious and what the symptoms may look like. It was useful learning more about thinking styles and how they can lead to feelings of anxiety and stress.

I also found the sessions helped me to refocus my thinking and look at all aspects of my life – allowing me to identify the things which may have been causing me anxiety.”

Lily shared that the sessions had improved her wellbeing, and that she was grateful to have a safe and welcoming space where she felt capable to open up. She said that she felt as though these sessions could be helpful for others and could make a huge difference to people who may be waiting to access other types of therapy.

For more details on our Recovery Action Plans, click on the link found in the ‘Related Service’ box. You may also want to learn more about how you can support other people, like Lily, so you can click on ‘Related Course’ to learn more about our Mental Health Awareness training.