Taming my Temper 

This is a structured, 6 week course specifically designed for young people aged 11-18 that struggle to manage their emotions and often present as angry.

The sessions look at the causes of negative emotional behaviour and anger responses; we then explore ways to minimise these negative emotions and alternative ways to cope and remain calm.

Using Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, group discussions, self-discovery exercises, relaxation techniques and task setting. The course will enable participants to:

  • Explore anger in its broadest context and improve awareness
  • Understand how it can affect people, introducing theory around thoughts, feelings and behaviours, encouraging participants to explore their own emotions
  • Learn different cognitive styles and how these can have an impact upon life
  • Learn techniques to improve relaxation
  • Understand emotional responses and how these can be better managed
  • Understand stress and the role it plays in negative emotional responses
  • Explore life-long coping strategies to maintain wellbeing

How can I access this course?

We can provide courses in community venues across the local area. Please complete our expression of interest form below and we will contact you once dates have been confirmed.

If you are a school looking to book this course for your young people, please visit our schools page for more information.